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The very first thing you should know about Nootropics is that they have to be within a fixed human toxicity level in order to be passed as one. This is to ensure that they are 100% safe to use, unlike many other cognitive enhancing drugs. Due to their low toxicity in humans, nootropics only have mild side effects, if any at all. They are widely used by adults and elderly people to stimulate brain activity and enhance cognitive functions.

What are Nootropics?

nootropic supplementsTo put it simply, nootropics (also known as smart drugs) are supplements that enhance memory capacity, concentration, recognition, creativity, mental stability and other cognitive functions. These smart drugs work by changing the behavior of neurotransmitters and receptors of the human brain, causing an increased response from them.

Nootropics are classified into three major groups:

Racetams – Responsible for increased focus, mental clarity, memory capacity, mood stability and calmness.

Stimulants – Help to keep you more alert, energized and focused while increasing your heart rate and respiration rate.

Nutraceuticals – These come in the form of particular foods that often provide a combined effect of stimulants and racetams. They are, however, not as effective as other cognitive enhancers and are more beneficial to brain activity when mixed with other smart drugs.

How Often Can I Take Smart Drugs?

While all three nootropic groups are safe, there is no substantial evidence to determine whether the continuous use of smart drugs have any long-term side effects. Since the time nootropics were first introduced (over forty years ago), they have not been proven to cause any ill-effects. Having said that, the long-term use of the supplement has not been tested properly as it is difficult to conduct such a study or experiment.

Tests and studies show that the short-term use of nootropics has a definite positive effect on human brain activity; however, newer smart drugs have not been around long enough to test the effects of using them for prolonged periods.

Theories about Taking Nootropics Indefinitely

As mentioned above, it isn’t possible to say whether it is wise, or not, to take smart drugs indefinitely. However, ongoing research and studies tend to suggest the former.

Till date, the short-term uses of nootropics have proven to be 100% beneficial for the enhancement of neural functioning and resistance to cognitive disorders. Furthermore, studies show that nootropics increasingly enhance alertness, focus and memory as they continue to be used over time. In addition to this, some effects of smarts drugs can even reduce signs of aging by increasingly the supply of important nutrients to the brain.

One of the most promising findings related to long-term use of nootropics is the supplement’s ability to significantly slow down plasticity. This means that the decrease in your brain’s memory and learning capacity which is experienced in the latter stages of life can be reduced or made more gradual.

In conclusion, it is not out of place to say that nootropics has the potential of becoming a safe, long-term use supplement to increase brain activity and reduce the decline cognitive functions.